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April 6, 2018


Nancy Beaudette





A rich pallet of folk and singer/songwriter with a hint of country and a dash of Celtic music – all the ingredients of a Canadian Kitchen Party!

Blending brave and honest songwriting, first-rate musicianship, and a huge helping of native Canadian wit, Nancy Beaudette is an artist of songs and heart. She was raised near Cornwall, Ontario, a place sustained by farming and millwork where French and English languages were friendly neighbors.

Her new CD, “South Branch Road”, delves into those roots, weaving a nostalgic past into lush songs of familial history, good-humored folly and poignant observations of life and loss.


WINNER in the Songs for Peace Competition for her song; “Peace Date”.


“It’s rare to find someone with the level of depth and sensitivity in their songwriting…Nancy stands out above the crowd!”

– Barbara Cloyd, Bluebird Cafe, Nashville, TN







May 4, 2018


Sloan Wainwright and Glen Roethel




June 1, 2018


Jim Trick